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Telecom Services

RCG Technologies understands that good RF design is the backbone to a better tuned network thus bringing good overall coverage, capacity and network usage. A good design translates to better customer retention, lower network cost and overall improved customer satisfaction.

RCG Technologies provides complete wireless network design services for all major wireless technologies including LTE, WiMAX, HSPA+, UMTS, EVDO, GSM, CDMA, TDMA, GPRS and iDEN.

A live Network is always in a constant flux. With the changes in traffic patterns and addition of new subscriber base, the networks need optimization on an ongoing basis to deliver the best service in the most cost efficient ways

Our approach to performance is to tune the network to cater to immediate needs and come up with plans to mitigate problems on a long term. We achieve these goals by suggesting network parameter changes or/and hardware inspection to resolve the problem in short term. If there are design changes required or new site(s) required, our design team can work with the operators to make that happen.

Through the accumulated knowledge of our technical workforce, RCG Technologies can help you Design & Optimize the Network by looking at various trends, growth expectation and the past & current performance along with future predictions.

RF Network Design

  • RF Baseline & Greenfield Design
  • In-Building Site Design Services
  • RF Capacity Planning
  • RF Network Dimensioning
  • RF Frequency Planning
  • RF Zoning & Testimony Services
  • RF Site Integration Support
  • RF Construction Management

RF Network optimization

  • RAN Optimization
  • Core Network Performance
  • Parameters Audit & Tuning
  • RF Pre and Post Launch Drive Testing
  • Competitive Drive Test Analysis
  • Live Network Monitoring & Performance evaluation
  • Site Audits and verification for OPEX reduction

Mirowave Installation & Audit Support

  • Supervision of Installation and Maintenance Support
  • Microwave Backhaul Design
  • Microwave LOS Surveys
  • Microwave Site Audits

Fixed and Transport Network

  • Equipment selection and placement to achieve Lowest-cost routing solutions and to maximize interconnect diversity.
  • Optimal hubs and switch location recommendations Interconnect and SS-7 signaling as well as SS-7 connections to PSTN.
  • Network capacity forecasts based on network trend and subscriber data compliance to interconnection standards for the PSTN.
  • Capacity and bandwidth analysis.
  • Network Topology and Architecture design.
  • Optimal hub and switch location recommendations.
  • Circuit/Network Provisioning and assist our clients negotiate service contracts with LECs, ILECs, CLECs and IXCs.
  • Fixed Network configuration and optimization to reduce the overall operating cost.
  • Develop translation tables.
  • Planning for current and future 3G/4G networks.

Switching Support

We understand the challenges and complexities associated with maintaining a Switching Network. With our extensive resource pool of qualified MSC, BSC/BTS and UTRAN engineers, we can help the customers in performing the day-to-day O&M tasks to complex BSC and MSC rehomes. RCG Technologies can execute these projects by providing T&M resources or take-on full turnkey projects encompassing Project Management, script creations, execution and post performance.

We provide services and solutions for different equipment vendors like, but not limited to, Alcatel- Lucent, Ericsson, NSN, Huawei that include the following:

Operations, Administration & Maintenance

  • Daily equipment fault monitoring and hardware correction
  • Checking of Alarm logs and Supporting Field Operations
  • System backups

NSS Systems Services

  • System integration & expansion to add new OC3 modules
  • Port conversion
  • Decommissioning of legacy switches
  • New IMT/PSTN integrations and Augment Activities
  • DACS expansion and optimization
  • Traffic Analysis to forecast new equipment and trunks

Access System Services

  • BSC/TCU/PCUSN/RNC/Node B Integration
  • BSC/BTS/Node B Rehomes ( Turnkey)
  • Trunk Augmentation
  • BSC Port conversion & Decommissioning Services
  • RNC/BSC capacity planning

Network Audits

  • Auditing System Parameter as per customer standards
  • Fine tuning of parameters to improve performance

MGW Rebalancing

  • Redistribution of trunks across all MGW’s to balance traffic

Translation Support

  • Implementing switch translation for least cost routing
  • Implementing E911 translations
  • Monitoring LERG for new codes

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